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Winter Walk 20151122-_D8R5065Oak Openings autumn 20181104-_D7R5353Dayglo shroom 20190816-D8R_0186Spring Snow, Oak Openings MP 20210421-_D8R7405Oak Openings Winter__ANG1357Autumn in Oak Openings 20211031-_Z5N0426Winter Fog__AMA0446Color Riot _DSC6200__LFY2850After the snow 20151122-_D8R4896Oak Openings Winter__ANG1244Winter Fog_20240127-_AMA0341-Enhanced-NRAbandoned - IMG_015520070505pbr4457Winter Fog__AMA0476Split Rail - pbr452920090814_P1020057Maple & Pines - PBR3849Grey and White-DSC_5057Evening Clouds over grasslands - RLL5006