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Oak Openings forest _DSC6105Waiting for spring 20190402-_D7R6065Spring Snow, Oak Openings MP 20210421-_D8R7456Sassafras 20201011-_D7R0627Fall Ferns _DSC6041Double Arch 20220205-_EM50067Summer Green 20190816-D8R_0181Wood 20180422-_4223632New Grass 20210502-_D8R7516Oak Openings autumn 20181104-_D7R5389Sunset in the trees 20190810-D8R_0178Autumn in Oak Openings 20211031-_Z5N0426Snowstorm in Oak Openings-20131214-_C140235Summer Green 20190816-D8R_0189Fall Ferns _DSC6089Spring Snow, Oak Openings MP 20210421-_D8R7436Wabash North 20180330_DSC_3042Fall foliage 20141102-_D8R6313Oak Openings autumn 20181104-_D7R5353Last of the Autumn Leaves 20141102-_D8R6307